Sunday, June 17, 2012

Speed Up Boot Time With Windows Vista and XP and Optimize Your PC's Speed

When you start your computer, you can get impatient because of the slow loading time. If you just hate to wait for the computer will not boot, then here are some tips on how to speed up the boot time of Windows Vista and XP. If you speed up the boot time of Windows Vista and XP, you no longer have to wait a few minutes, the computer boots. Here are tips on how to speed up boot time of Windows Vista and XP.

Windows Vista

In Windows Vista, the computer is loaded with a single CPU core. If you are using a dual-or quad-core processors, you can easily speed up the boot time in Windows Vista. To do this, click Start, type 'MSConfig "in the text box and press VVOD.Okonnye system configuration will appear. Select the Boot tab and click Advanced. Then click on the box with the name" Number of processors "and select two, if you have a dual processor, or 4 if you have a quad-core processor. Click OK to apply your changes.

Windows XP

In Windows XP, some programs start automatically at boot time. You can try to stop unwanted programs that run at startup to speed up boot time. To do this, click Start, select Run and type "MSConfig. Click the Startup tab and you'll see a list of programs that run at startup. Remove programs you do not want to start the download.

First Class Design Items Glass Icons

I'm tired of that kind of blah default icon on the Macintosh desktop icon? More and more people are now setting their desktop to suit your aesthetic preferences. You can use your own images or download the cute little icons or create your own, then have you.

Setting up your own desktop can be easy. You just have to find a good icon in the first place. Here are some steps for you:

Step 1: You can download the icon from your computer. Google on the icon you want. It usually occurs in a set of icons for a specialized topic. Once you download it, he got into a zip file, so you have to decompress it, then copy it to the right place.

Step 2: If you want to create an image, you can use a paint program. Check all that you like and crop it to desired size. After copying the image. Left click and click copy or press Ctrl + C.

Step 3: Open the file and select "Get Info". The label for the Ctrl + I. If you see a box found in the upper left part of the information window, click on it.

Step 4: Then put the icon on the field. You can use a combination of Command-V for this process. You have successfully changed the image.

This is the perfect place to have a transparent background image, so it looks great. Your will also need to be in the same amount, otherwise your desktop will be cluttered with icons of all shapes and sizes.

It is better to use Photoshop for editing icons. If it is a personal image, crop it to the correct size for those who are in excess of the background using the crop tool. You can also install it on a transparent background so it will look neater. Just click the "New" and then choose a transparent background for it.

Make the necessary changes through a variety of drawing tools such as brush and pencil. You can also copy images from other Google and customize it to the desired level.

You can also synchronize your wallpaper theme with icons. For example, if it is summer, the icons may be summer flowers or fruits attractive desktop. For those cartoons and anime fans, you can use anime characters as icons. The list goes on and on. Select the desired icon you want and then use the steps above to change the default icon.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Internet Browser Software Review

Why Internet Browsers?

Internet browser that allows an application to the world wide web crawling, web sites and the location is accessed. HTML code returned to the browser, you will be able to read the text, images, play videos and audio clips on the website to listen to. Click on the hyperlinks that allow you to travel to various web pages that have been interpreted. While the main purpose of Internet browsers, Internet access, be it on a web server or file system used to access private information.

Internet Browsers: What to Look For

Heavy web users to the Internet browser, as well as quick and safe, and enable Internet access in all browsers, although not all are created equal. Different browsers render web pages may be different, and there is no large-can be the difference between the performance of the top competitors. Three things to consider when choosing an Internet browser, simplicity, speed and safety. Excelling in each of these areas, Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer are the most current Internet browsers, among others. For more information, see our side-side comparisons and articles on the Internet browser. The following criteria will be used to assess the best internet browser market has been profound.


Feature SetWeb browser features, practical, comfortable, quick and easy to surf the web. For example, a browser, tabbed browsing, a customizable toolbar and an integrated search engine must be provided. Personalized Web experience, you need a browser to store bookmarks, set parental controls and the ability to create RSS feeds. In general, an Internet browser and offers more features, better.


Security Welcome to online security measures, the Internet is still a long way from the beginning, the web security risks, ie, small-scale attacks to electronic data Rife. For example, privacy settings, pop-up blocker and antispyware security features to enable safe Internet surfing and such, to help keep personal information secure passwords.


Speed & Compatibility Web browsers should load quickly and be compatible with all major operating systems. We tested the speed of each browser in our range using the same Windows 7 system and a stopwatch, time how fast each first run and was able to move between web sites. Top internet browser download and navigate between pages for a few seconds.


Ease of Use  The best browsers are the ones that seem seamless balance between features and ease of use. While the functions of a Web browser are important, they become useless if the browser interface interferes with your ability to use them. Web browsers should boast intuitive location that facilitates easy and convenient navigation


Help & SupportWhile some Web browsers open source and therefore is not complemented with dedicated technical support, we still considered the quality of support options. When it comes to Internet browsers available support can come in many forms ranging from FAQs to tutorials, email support for the product.  


Although all browsers will provide access to the Internet, choosing a fast and safe ensure a safe and pleasant online viewing. At TopTenREVIEWS we do research so you do not have to.

10-9  Excellent
8-6    Good
5-4    Average
3-2    Poor
1-0    Bad

2012 Internet Browser Software Product

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The New Google Chrome

Google has made a big, start, first week of September to its customers, a very advanced web browser. That is to say, as a search engine giant Google Chrome. There are expectations about the Google Chrome was like a different look and touch, not all web browsers, many existing and past.

Chrome has been designed using the design characteristics of the minimum, but the best technology and the web faster and safer for users. Google Chrome has developed, open source code, which is unique among its competitors by using Chrome.

Google launched the beta version of the browser version. Google has declared, through a browser qualified to add value to their users are. The browser is expected to bring innovation on the Internet.

The browser is a way for users to web pages, websites and applications are being used a tool that will be run. Initial reaction to the criticism of its security flaws.

There were several goals and objectives set out by Google on the chrome, even before entering the market. These objectives are (were) in security, stability and speed of execution to be considered. It was a way to change the Chrome user interface, easier to perform.

Google chrome browser to use much care and attention to their customers has been very safe. Have websites of malware - a list that the use of blacklists. This is harmful to their sites to warn users of any attempt to get them help.

Chrome-speed, where Google has been full of concentration during the development of the other main parties. It is set in a way that it is a small program, which is not particularly suitable for the performance of the system is about interactivity. At the same time, advanced application is very well designed to achieve the maximum benefit of Google chrome. Google Chrome Incognito feature is one that you want to look into.

Google Chrome has been the stability of customer appreciation. Google Chrome task manager of the facility by users downloading more bytes more memory with the aim of contributing to the observed sites. Also, notice the areas you are abusing the CPU.

You can easy to use administrative interface for back, forward, refresh, and other simple facilities provided to you by Google chrome. There is a tab-bar below the title bar is, decreasing the state.

Google chrome web browser, the web-applications can also create shortcuts to your desktop. This is not interrupted, the user works, the interface has not been done since this feature is available in the browser is open.

At the same time, Google has received them within a short time span in which opponents criticized by some security flaws.

With Google Chrome, the web becomes more advanced and special. Web browsing experience will be a different user to use this browser. Chrome-users probably have a different feeling for me and continue to use this new browser from Google. Google chrome using the entire community to help move the web forward.

Download link :-Google Chrome